Looking to inspire and challenge our attendees, HackGT’s 5th annual 36-hour hackathon will help students develop their skills, explore new technologies, and turn their curiosities into opportunities. Participants are invited to discover friendly campgrounds, lush landscapes, and a spirit of adventure — inspired by the diverse beauty of America’s National Parks from Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon to the Olympic Peninsula and Denali.

Learn more at 2018.hack.gt.


  • Any student over the age of 18 enrolled in a college or university is allowed to participate. Teams can be up to four members - you can register with your team when you apply, any time after you’re accepted, or create a team at the event! Anyone can mentor or volunteer.
  • If you are younger than 18, but a Georgia Tech student, you can still participate.


Will be posted soon!

Hackathon Sponsors


Top 3 (3)

Top 8 (8)

Most Innovative use of NCR's Platform APIs (4)

Sponsor: NCR
1st: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Graphics Card
2nd: HTC Vive Pro VR Headset
3rd: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.
AND An internship offer with NCR if eligible for each place (graduating Dec 2019 or later)

There will be 4 per prize to cover up to 4 team members.

Best Use of BlackRock API

Prize: Drones

Most Creative Augmented Reality Hack

Sponsor: Accenture
Prize: TBD

Best Voice Technology Citibank Hack (2)

Sponsor: Citi
Prize: Echo Spots for each team member

Create an idea that utilizes voice technologies to make day-to-day finance easier for Citibank customers.

1. Utilizes voice technologies like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple's Siri.
2. Uses at least one API for the Citi Developer Portal
3. Positively impacts the customer experience.
4. In addition, Citi has a keen focus on the Financial Wellness of our customers. Though it is not required, we recommend looking into how your idea could possibly help people manage their money in more responsible ways.

Best Customer Service Chatbot (2)

Sponsor: FINRA
Prize: $3000 total in cash-equivalent prize money (Amazon gift cards)

Call centers in many organizations field thousands of inquiries and issues each year. They range from solving issues directly or referring the questions to other departments based on need. Many of these questions are about where to find certain information, how to reset a password, or other routine issues that could be answered by a chatbot, rather than a human.
Your challenge is to train a chatbot to respond to common inquiries and escalate to humans only when necessary.

Azure Champ Prize

Sponsor: Microsoft
Prize: 4 Xbox One Xs and automatic entry in Imagine Cup 2019 Semi-Finals and two chances to become one of the few elite teams at our regional finals.

1. Was the project developed using Microsoft Azure? (required)
2. Does the project address a clear need, problem, or opportunity and is the solution clearly explained (10)
3. Does the project include innovations in technical design and/or implementation of services (e.g., Cognitive Services, Bot Services, IoT Hub, Functions) and/or user experience? (20)
4. Does the project have a clear target market or audience? (5)
5. Is the project's purpose and basic functionality easily understood? (5)
6. Does the project have a professional degree of production in terms of performance, user interface, visuals, and audio? (10)

Winner is highest total score out of 50.
Tie-breaker: Does the team have a credible plan for getting their project to market in terms of business model, any required partnerships, or other factors?

Best UX (3)

Sponsor: Robinhood
1st: $500 in MasterCard gift cards
2nd: $300 in MasterCard gift cards
3rd: $200 in MasterCard gift cards

More details about the task to come.

Best Airline Hospitality Hack

Sponsor: Southwest
Prize: $800 Southwest gift card distributed between team members.

How can technology be used to foster hospitality in the airline industry?

Best Hero Hack

Sponsor: Disney
Prize: R2-D2 Sphero Droids + Experience TBD

Use Marvel API or Disney Open Source to create a heroic hack!
Marvel Comics API: https://developer.marvel.com
Disney Open Source: http://disney.github.io

Best Accessibility Hack

Sponsor: Express Scripts
Prize: One Bose SoundSport Free Wireless Earbuds for up to 4 team members of the winning team.

To transform, technology must be bold! It must solve problems for groups of people.

The Express Scripts Challenge: Create something cool to improve the quality of life for disabled people through the use of accessible technologies.

Best Use of Marquee API

Sponsor: Goldman Sachs
Prize: Amazon Echo & Smart WiFi Plugs for each team member.

See the Goldman Sachs booth for information on getting access to the API.

Best Financial Hack

Sponsor: Capital One
Prize: $300 Amazon Gift Card for each member of the winning team.

Best Use of ESRI APIs

Sponsor: ESRI
Prize: 4 $250 Amaazon Gift Cards

Best Transportation Related Hack

Sponsor: Lyft
Prize: $50 Lyft Credit for each team member.

Best use of Algolia

Casio CA-506C-5A Calculator Watch for each team member

Best use of Google Cloud Platform

Google Home Minis for each team member

Best Domain Name from Domain.com

Raspberry Pi & PiHut Essential Kit for each team member

Best IoT Hack Using a Qualcomm Device

410C Dragonboard for each team member

Best use of HERE.com

Hacker gear and swag from HERE.com

Equity in Computing Prize

In partnership with the Constellations Center.

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Judging Criteria

  • Greatness

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